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For international transportation the most convenient travel is to take a flight to the international airport of Copenhagen (CPH) in Denmark.

From Copenhagen airport there are direct trains to Landskrona (final destination Göteborg). These are called "Öresundståg". On Sunday these trains depart from CPH Airport once an hour for ex 1:46 pm, 2:46 pm and so on. The train trip takes about 50 minutes. See timetable

Note! There are no possibility to purchase tickets onboard the trains! Tickets must be purchased in ticket machines prior boarding the trains using your credit or debit card. These machines are available at

  • Baggage claim area: one red Skånetrafiken ticket machine
  • Terminal 3 (close to the escalators leading to the train station platform): four red Skånetrafiken ticket machines

Also note that there are many trains that depart to Sweden but not all of these continue to Landskrona! Should you find yourself on such a train, the easiest is to switch train in Lund where all trains make a stop. 

From Landskrona railway station there is a bus, Line 3 (or 1), towards Centrum in connection with each train arrival (duration around 10 minutes). Your train ticket is valid on the local bus. Just show the train ticket to the driver. Depart the bus at Landskrona ferry station "Skeppsbron".

On Sundays, ferries depart at 8.30, 10.00, 11.30, 14.15, 16.00, 17.35, 20.15 and 21.30. The Ventrafiken Ferry Terminal is open part of the day. If arriving when the terminal is open, pre-paid tickets are to be collected at the counter for prebooked tickets inside the ferry terminal. For delegates departing after the terminal is closed, please approach personnel directly at the ferry to collect your ticket. You will get the tickets for the travel to Ven and from Ven at the same time. Ferry tickets are prepaid belonging to a group order and to get a ferry ticket you must state the name of that group. The name of this group will be communicated to all delegates in a separate mail. You will find the Ventrafiken ferry time table here.

The trip to Ven takes about 30 minutes and you will arrive in the Ven harbour "Bäckaviken". At the harbour there will be a bus waiting in connection to the ferry arrival to take you to Backafallsbyn. The bus ride takes about 10 minutes. To get your ticket for the bus, provide the group name (same as for the ferry) to the driver. A good advice is to mention to the driver that you want to get off at Backafallsbyn conference center. 

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